Have you ever wonder what you need to know in order to make a great investment when buying an apartment in Cancun? An investment of this kind can be a great deal for you if you know what to have in mind to choose wisely. Is because of that than in Eproperties Vip Real Estate we decided to give you some pointers about what aspects are the most important to have in mind to buy the perfect apartment.

1. – Location

The most important aspect of Real Estate is location. While better the location, higher the value and capital gain. When you’re in the searching for an apartment you have to know the area very well. There are business centers around or schools? Is a tourist location? Affirmative answers to these questions will let you know how good the location of the places is.

2. - Development of the area

If the apartment you liked so much also is located in a developed area you are in the right path. Also if is around a calm zone or if there are some others similar developments, even if the zone is in some sort exclusive the building will have capital gain and so your apartment, which is very good if you want to sell it in the future.


3. - The construction materials

To know the type of materials and how old is the building also will give you a very good idea of how well constructed is the building. Materials and time are factors to have in mind because they have a special relation between the two: A building can be old but very well constructed and vice versa.

4. - The floor you want to live in

Living in one of the first floors or in one at the top of the building can be a little more expensive, but it brings a lot of perks. In the first floors you don’t have to use the stairs very often ¡or maybe never! But if you buy an apartment by the sea in a high floor the view will be amazing, you wouldn’t have noise and maybe you will have more natural light during the day.

Keep in mind that when a building has a few floors only, the less apartments will be and the maintenance can be at a higher cost.

5. - The sellers reputation

A lot of apartments in Cancun are under construction and others are ready for you to move in. However, the reputation of the seller and the Real Estate Company are very important because it says a great length of what to expect of the apartment. Don’t let anyone trick you and only buy from professionals of the Real Estate business, that way your money is safe.

In Eproperties Vip Real Estate we look for you to have the apartment of your dreams and all the years working in this market are proof of our professionalism. We have certified real estate agents to help you during the whole process.

Do not hesitate and give us a call to take you to the properties available for you.

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